Call backs – Tue 11th & Thu13th Jun 2019 7 to 10 pm Mount Prichard

Rehearsals – Every Tuesday and Thursday night from 7pm to 10 pm at Mt. Pritchard.

Sunday Rehearsals will be from 10am to 4pm at CPAC.

Rehearsal Dates are:


Tue 18th,Thu 20th, Sun 23rd,Tue25th,Thur27th.


Tue 2nd  Thu 4th  Tue 9th Thu 11th  Tue 16th Thu 18th  Tue 23rd  Thu 25th Tue 30th


Thu 1st   Tue 6th Thu 8th Sun 11th Tue 13th Thu 15th Sun 18th Tue 20th  Thu 22nd Sun 25th Tue 27th Thu 29th

Bump in – Sunday/Monday 1st/2nd   Sep 10am to 5pm

Dress Rehearsal – Tue 3rd  Sep 10am – 10 pm

Performances – Wed 4th Sep 11am & 7:30pm, Thu 5th Sep 11am, Friday 6th Sep 11am & 7:30pm, Saturday 7th Sep 2pm & 7:30pm.

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