The Tempest Further Audition date:

Tuesday Night 23 February 2021 From 7pm

At Mount Prichard Community Hall, cnr Pritchard St and Cabramatta Rd West near the 7 Eleven

To book an audition Call the Producer John Brown 0408 095 216


Auditions will consist of a Shakespearean monologue of your own choosing and a cold read in a group of a scene. Auditions will be judged on acting ability, interaction with scene partners and suitability for roles.


William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” is a tale of revenge, love, magic and, perhaps the purest of all human concepts, forgiveness. Having been stranded on an island for 12 years by the court of Naples, Prospero is given an opportunity to revisit the past. The only thing standing in his way for revenge is his daughter’s infatuation with the Prince of Naples. Will his revenge play out unabated, or will he put his past aside for the sake of his daughter’s happiness?


Prospero – Already Cast

The true Duke of MIlan. Shipwrecked on an island by his scheming brother. Prospero has been plotting his revenge for 12 years until, by chance, his enemies pass on ship and Prospero seizes the chance for vengeance.

Miranda – Already Cast

Prospero’s daughter. Inquisitive and optimistic. Having never seen a man before, she falls instantly in love with Prince Ferdinand. She must choose between her new love and her loyalty to her father.

Caliban – Male or Female

Child of the witch Sycorax. Born as a hideous monster, Caliban’s island was taken from him by Prospero. Caliban conspires with Stephano and Trinculo to overthrow Prospero.

Ferdinand – Male

Prince of Naples. Believing that his father, the king of Naples, is dead, Ferdinand pursues the hand of Miranda, but in the process, becomes Prospero’s slave.

Alonso – Already Cast

The king of Naples. He believes that his son has died in the shipwreck. He is very quick to lose hope despite the advice of Gonzalo.

Gonzalo – Already Cast

Best friend of Prospero and advisor to King Alonso. Gonzalo must decide where his loyalties lie and help satiate his old friend in order to save his king.

Antonio – Male or Female

False Duke of Milan. Having overthrown and usurped his brother, Prospero, he attempted to convince Sebastian to kill King Alonso.

Sebastian – Male or Female

Prince of Naples. Sebastian is tempted by Antonio to murder his brother and claim the crown of Naples.

Stephano  – Already Cast

Alonso’s drunken butler. Stephano is tricked by Caliban into attempting to murder Prospero and become king of the island.

Trinculo  – Already Cast

Alonso’s jester. Pulled into Stephano’s machinations, Trinculo’s gets manipulated by Prospero into ruining their plans.

This Production’s Concept

 This production draws inspiration from the works of H. P. Lovecraft, exploring the concepts of eldritch horror, supernatural mystery and the clashing of the old and new world. Prospero, who would normally be depicted purely as the protagonist, will take on the role of an anti-hero, bent on revenge and who will not easily be swayed from his goals.



Performances – Wed 5th May 2021 11:00am, Thu 6th May 11am, Friday 7th May 11am & 7:30pm, Saturday 8th May 2pm & 7:30pm.


Rehearsals –  Every Tuesday and Thursday Night from 25 Feb 2021 (Mt Pritchard Hall).

Sun Rehearsals – 11, 18 April, 25 April 2021 10.00 to 3pm at CPAC.

Sunday 02 May 2021 – LPAE Bump in and rehearsal 9am to 3:45pm.

Monday 03 May 2021 – CPAC and LPAE tech rehearsal and dress rehearsal 9am to 3:45pm.

Tuesday 04 May 2021 – CPAC and LPAE rehearsal 9am to 3:45.


Usually, not every actor will have to be at every rehearsal.  More info about scheduling will be announced once the show has been cast. Every actor will need to attend ALL rehearsals for at least the last two weeks of the production period.

Actors will be asked to provide a schedule of conflicts at auditions. Every attempt will be made to work around conflicts that are identified well in advance.

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